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When your wedding day comes, don't let your Groom & Groomsmen look like they have been on quarantine for a year.

Not to mention
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When I got married in 2014, my suit was a rental and hanging off of me, plus I had to return it by noon the next day. The Groom and Groomsmen were all matching until a month out I had to change everything to stand out as the Groom. Not to mention the many style rules we broke due to bad advice:
  • ​A few Groomsmen had both suit buttons done up
  • ​One Groomsmen had a hole in his suit
  • ​5 Groomsmen had suits way too big for them, 1 was too tight
  • ​The outfits came in 3 days before the wedding, no time for a replacement
  • ​The tie and pocket square matched
  • The Groom & Groomsmen wore a suit/tuxedo hybrid, not a real thing
  • ​We were told to wear black shoes with a light grey suit
  • ​To cap it off, the saleswoman took my Groomsmen number from his file and asked him out on a date!
Derek Burbidge
After a terrible suit experience in 2014 with their wedding, Derek and his wife Danielle went to Thailand for their honeymoon where he had 2 bespoke suits made. Derek came back to make sure Wedding Parties would not make the same mistakes.

6 years later Cardero Clothing has helped wedding parties avoid those mistakes and invest in high quality suits that fit, wearing them for many years.
You do not need to make those mistakes! I have been through it so you don't have to.
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